Sensible 4 Oy was declared bankrupt in 2023. The website is currently being updated to reflect these changes. Your patience is appreciated during this transition. Sensible 4’s technology is looking for a new home; interested parties are invited to reach out at [email protected]

Sensible 4® Drive-by-Wire Technology

Our mission is to enable autonomous mobility anywhere. Our focus is on creating a Level 4 self-driving system for last-mile applications that works in all weather conditions.

Sensible 4® Renault Twizy

The electric Renault Twizy gets a thrilling makeover with Sensible 4’s innovative technology. This ultra-compact, fully-electric vehicle is transformed into a dynamic platform for exploring the future of urban mobility. Imagine navigating city streets with ease. The Twizy’s nimble design and zero-emission operation make it perfect for congested areas. We’ve integrated our cutting-edge autonomous driving systems, allowing for semi-autonomous driving or remote-controlled operation, ideal for last-mile deliveries or unique research applications.

Sensible 4®Autonomous Electric Toyota Proace

Discover the future of transportation with this Autonomous Toyota Proace electric Van, enhanced with cutting-edge self-driving Autonomous hardware package by Sensible 4. This innovative vehicle combines Toyota’s reliability and efficiency with Sensible 4’s advanced autonomous driving capabilities, designed to navigate through all weather conditions with increased speed and precision.

Sensible 4® Autonomous Toyota Proace Diesel

Take your fleet operations to the next level with the Sensible 4® Diesel Proace. This versatile workhorse, meticulously transformed by our engineers, combines rugged reliability with future-proof technology. The Proace boasts a powerful and efficient diesel engine, keeping your running costs low without compromising performance. We’ve integrated our cutting-edge autonomous driving systems, allowing for semi-autonomous or remote-controlled operation, revolutionizing your workflow and maximizing productivity.