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Unique Technology for Automation in the Most Demanding Conditions

Benefits of our Technology

All-weather Performance

Probabilistic Mapping filters out the noise such as rain, snow & dust.

No Road Markings Needed

The automated vehicle drives safely on pre-defined open and closed roads.

Independent from GNSS Coverage

Automated driving is enabled even with poor and spotty satellite navigation coverage.

Safety for All Road Users

Advanced Collision Detection & Speed Planning provide safe automated driving.

SAE Level 4 with Remote Operations

Remote Operations and Multi-routing features with multiple pick-up and drop-off points.

We Make Autonomous Driving a Reality

Automated driving in all weather conditions.

State-of-the-art real-life positioning performance that filters out outliers such as snow, rain and leaves.

The DAWNpowered vehicle is able to precisely locate itself in all weather conditions. Indoors too.

It goes without saying that safety-related features, such as avoiding all road users and other obstacles, are performing flawlessly.

Automated driving with no road markings.

The vehicle’s exact location, orientation and speed are known to within a few centimeters, regardless of weather or road signs, such as road surface markings or other dedicated structures.

DAWN™ takes advantage of ultra high-definition maps of the planned route, resulting in smooth automated driving.

Automated driving even with poor GNSS coverage.

DAWN™powered vehicles are capable of robust positioning, even with poor GPS coverage, by combining sensor data and pre-defined Normal Distribution Transform (NDT) maps.

Driving through a tunnel, a warehouse or under a bridge is done seamlessly without interruption.

Safe automated driving for all road users.

Even without road markings, the DAWN™ powered vehicle is able to follow strict traffic rules by combining various NDT integrated features such as Regions of Interest (ROI), Advanced Collision Detection & Speed Planning.

This results in first-rate driving behaviour, for example, in passenger crossings and roundabouts.

In addition, the vehicle is constantly aware of the right driving speed and can adjust it according to the current traffic.

We Sense the World

Mapping the Environment

During the Mapping phase, we create maps and record routes that the automated vehicle is aiming to navigate.

Following that, our teams get physically on the ground to carry out the second step called Deployment.

In the last phase called Positioning, we calculate the vehicle’s position and where it is heading.

Deployment & Mission Creation

With the processed map describing the environment, the actual route is being recorded on site with a vehicle equipped with sensors (LiDARS, etc.).

A few additional attributes of the intended automated driving route are implemented, such as ROI-areas, playing a crucial role in road safety.

Positioning the automated vehicle

Finally, map-based positioning results in highly accurate location and orientation of the vehicle in the environment.

Our unique Probabilistic Positioning approach enables extremely robust performance, even in highly dynamic environments, traffic density and adverse weather conditions.

We Filter Out the Snow, Rain, Leaves & Dust for All-weather Automated Driving

Sensible 4’s technology is the backbone of safe SAE Level 4 automated driving in harsh road conditions.

Our DAWN™ powered vehicles have been self-driving in all 4 seasons, from snow-covered roads of wintery Finnish Lapland to rain-showered streets of Tokyo.

We’ve been striving to carry out consistent and safe automated driving experiences, all the time.

Remote Operations for Fleets of Automated Vehicles

Enabling Remote Control & Fleet Management

The remote operations aim to provide interfaces to third party services for automated service planning.

It also allows human remote operator to oversee the operations and manage the vehicle when the automated driving is not possible.

Meeting the Big Challenges in Autonomous Driving With Remote Control