Our mission is to make shared driverless mobility mainstream. This improves people’s quality of life while fighting climate change and helping the environment.

The World Needs Fewer Cars

Road transportation of people and goods is a major problem for our planet. Road transportation causes greenhouse gas emissions, microparticle pollution, and noise.

We at Sensible 4 work every day to enable a systemic change of our transportation systems – meaning fewer cars on the roads.

Autonomous vehicles enable better road safety, use of urban space and people’s time. Autonomous vehicles enable optimised fuel consumption and tire wear. They also speed up the move towards electric vehicles. But, to change the way people move, it’s not enough to have electric and autonomous vehicles.

The World Needs More Shared Transportation

Unless self-driving cars are shared, there will always be more cars on the roads. This will cancel out the positive outcomes of electrification and autonomy.

Transportation systems with shared autonomous electric vehicles reduce CO2 emissions by 80-90%.*

*Fulton, Lewis, Jacob Mason, Dominique Meroux (2017) Three Revolutions in Urban Transportation. Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis, Research Report

We Work for Environmental and Societal Impact

Sensible 4 focuses on last-mile shared autonomous transportation of people and goods. Autonomy leads to lower costs for transportations operators.

Our software enables commercial public transportation and logistics services to underserved areas and people. They are typically in poorer and suburban/rural areas with ageing populations.

Better accessibility to public transportation contributes to an improved quality of life. It enables people to live without the need to own a car – which is what our planet needs.