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DAWN™ – Autonomous Driving Software Platform

Our automated driving software platform DAWN™ enables different types of vehicles to operate autonomously in any weather.

For Industrial Transportation

DAWN™ is an automated driving software platform that turns any vehicle into self driving.

It enables industrial vehicles to drive autonomously, in any weather, on both open & closed roads.

DAWN™ for Industrial Transportation

For Moving People

DAWN™ is ideal for shared driverless vehicles such as autonomous shuttles and minivans, moving people from hubs to their final destinations

For Moving Goods

DAWN™ works equally well for last-mile autonomous transportation of goods inside industrial zones, factories and business parks.

A Full-Stack Solution for Full Level 4 Autonomy

DAWN™ is the complete self-driving software product you need to make your vehicles drive autonomously.

It provides safe and smooth autonomous operations in all weather conditions and environments.

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Modularity Means Integrability

The modular software consists of four stacks:

  • Positioning and Mapping
  • Obstacle Detection and Tracking
  • Planning and Control
  • Remote Operations

This modular architecture makes the software easy to integrate into existing systems.

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Sensor Fusion for All-Weather Perception

Our solution uses sensor fusion to combine input from radars, LiDAR, cameras and other sensors to deliver a smooth riding experience for your passengers and cargo – in all-weather conditions.

Sensor Fusion to the Rescue

Remote Operations When Needed

Level 4 remote operations enable a human operator to control the vehicle if needed.

Remote operations also enable fleet operations and personnel cost savings when multiple vehicles are managed through a single operator.

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