A Sensible Approach to Self-Driving Transportation

1. Automated before Autonomous

High automation (Level 4) has always been our target.

Driverless industrial & commercial vehicles, operating in well-defined situations, will be the first to bring the benefits of autonomous vehicles to businesses and society.

2. Driving Conditions Must Not Get In the Way

Vehicles have to work in all types of weather – such as rain, snow, or sun – and in all environments – including dusty, dirty, or dark ones.

The only way for commercial operations to be profitable.

3. Start Small and Expand

Don’t aim for the unachievable.

Master smaller, easier, closed areas first, with predefined routes. Then move up to more difficult ones. There are plenty of commercially viable use cases in industrial settings.

4. Success Comes From Collaboration

Doing things alone can only take us so far.

By collaborating and partnering with our customers, we’ll get faster, better results.