Sensible 4 Oy was declared bankrupt in 2023. The website is currently being updated to reflect these changes. Your patience is appreciated during this transition. Sensible 4’s technology is looking for a new home; interested parties are invited to reach out at [email protected]

A Deep-Tech Start-Up From Finland

Automation for the Most Demanding Environments

Founded in 2017, Sensible 4 is a deep-tech start-up that develops pioneering vehicle automation solutions for the most demanding environments and conditions.


Founding year




Revenue in 2021



Street-Smart Industrial Automation

Our story started on the open roads, where we have a history of successful deployments around the world.

Our journey has taken us to the industrial environment where we are applying our experience and expertise to automate mass-produced trucks with our DAWN™ automated driving software platform.

DAWN™ for Industrial Transportation

Our Software Enables All-Weather Self-Driving

We have solved one of the biggest problems in autonomous driving — the issue of bad weather.

Our innovation uses a unique probabilistic approach that enables vehicles to drive in varying weather conditions — unlike any other company in the space.

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Sensible 4 story

Sensible 4 is born

Sensible 4 was founded by Harri Santamala, Jari Saarinen, Tommi Rimpiläinen and Jussi Suomela.


First automated driving vehicle working prototype

The same year, they hired the first engineers and built the first automated vehicle prototype. Following promising tests, the team began working on a bigger model: an automated shuttle bus.


First customer

Collaboration with T-Engineering (Dongfeng Motor, China) to automate one of their vehicles.


Launch of GACHA, Best Design and Best Startup Awards

The world’s first autonomous shuttle bus for all weather conditions in collaboration with Muji, the reknown Japanese designer. The same year, GACHA won the Beazley Designs of the Year award for Best Transport Design!

In addition, Sensible 4 won Best Startup at the Dubai World Challenge for Self-Driving Cars and received $1 million as a reward.


Series A investment round, Finnish Engineering award and first project abroad

Sensible 4 closed the Series A investment round at $7 million by Nordic Ninja and ITOCHU.

After receiving a Finnish Engineering Award, the first autonomous driving operation abroad started in Oslo, Norway.


Deployments in Europe and international cooperations

More deployments in Norway, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

Cooperation signed with T-Engineering on bringing Dongfeng Motors’ Level 4 Sharing-VAN to Europe.

Cooperation signed with Moove for automating their Level 4 PeopleMover shuttle.


8M€ EIB funding & new Japan office

We received 8Me from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to boost sustainable transport with our technology.

Simultaneously, we celebrated the opening of a new office in Tokyo and sent our automated driving GACHA bus to Chiba for a 2-week project open to the public.


Launch of DAWN™, new A-round funding & UD Trucks partnership

We released our commercially ready Autonoumous Driving Platform DAWN™. We also welcomed a new investor, taking the total raised to 17M€.

In December, we proudly partnered with truck manufacturer UD Trucks in Japan with a DAWN™ equipped truck transporting material on an industrial site in Japan.


Sensible 4 Oy declares bankruptcy

Sensible 4 Oy has ran out of cash and had to declare bankruptcy.

This €17M piece of technology is currently looking for a new acquirer! An unstoppable journey begins anew.