Commercially Ready Automated Driving Platform with All-Weather Advantage

We make autonomous vehicles

work everywhere, all the time


Our mission is to ensure that there is no place, where people, businesses and society do not have access to the benefits of autonomous vehicles. Our unique software will take autonomous vehicles to places where others can’t or won’t operate.

What makes us special?

  • We have developed a unique, best-in-business approach to automated driving in harsh conditions.
  • Our software platform DAWN™ enables our customers to build vehicles that can self-drive in gravel, dust, snow and darkness.
  • Near term commercialization in industrial use cases and later in logistics and last-mile shuttles.
  • Experienced, competent and awarded team AD vehicle engineering and deployment excellence.

Automated Driving Software Platform (Launch 2022)

Gravel, dust and snow enabled

DAWN™ enables vehicles to self-drive in gravel, dust, snow and darkness.

Best-in-class positioning system

Best-in-class positioning and unique all-weather driving capability.

For level 4 commercial vehicles

For development of level 4 series production commercial vehicles.

Looking for investors to join the ride


Our growth target is to become a real automotive software supplier, with a scaleable software licensing business model.