Employee Story – Kalle, DevOps Lead

What is it like to work at Sensible 4? Kalle Mäkelä is a Lead DevOps with a role in engineering software for autonomous driving. He tells us about his daily work, the company culture and his feelings being involved in such a future oriented project.

Hi Kalle, what is your background and your role at Sensible 4?

I am working as a DevOps Lead. I count 20 years of IT with almost a hundred different projects under my belt. During my years, I have been trying to find the best way to deliver value to the end customer in a sustainable way to the whole organisation, not just developers. One major learning – this can be achieved by implementing and experimenting with the DevOps practices and applying them with a System Thinking mindset.

What do you love the most about working at Sensible 4 & in the autonomous driving world?

Sensible 4 is now transforming to be a more DevOps-driven company. I really enjoy being part of an organisation that is evolving and learning new ways to work, which encourages people to think “outside the box.

I have been intrigued by autonomous vehicles’ human, ethical, legal, and technological problems for years. I enjoy solving complicated problems, and the whole concept of autonomous vehicles is perfect for my curious mind. From a DevOps’ point of view, scaling the hardware and software solution to do business with real-world use cases is fascinating for me.

“The whole concept of autonomous vehicles is perfect for my curious mind”

Kalle, DevOps Lead

What have you learned working here?

I’ve learned a lot about vehicle hardware. Because I’ve been working with software up until now, it’s been fun to learn about totally new problems here. My ultimate goal is to have high-speed iteration capability with hardware as an integral part of the development feedback cycle. I am definitely in the right place to achieve it.

Work is great and all, but what about your hobbies?

I play piano and enjoy following electric mobility and the crypto industry. I also play padel and explore outer space with my camera?

Anything more you would like to share?

Engineers are born to transform magic into reality. I hope that all engineers, software, and hardware, find that place where they can achieve that—as for me, combining my real interests with my own personal “why” has been a fun experience.

Sounds like your kind of place to work?

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