Four reasons why Sensible 4 will be first to the market for commercial self-driving technology

The hype of autonomous driving is over. What’s left is a global race towards a real-world autonomous driving solution. The first to the market product will be a near-full-automation application, built by Sensible 4, for last-mile shuttle bus transportation. Let us tell you why we are confident about this.

Reason # 1

Built to work in all-weather and everywhere

For self-driving cars to become mainstream, they have to work everywhere — in all weather conditions. Solving the weather problem solves the greatest problem of autonomous driving.

We started with autonomous, all-weather driving in Finland already in the late 1990s, where the weather is anything from snowstorms to rain to fog, for more than six months of a year.

The magic ingredient enabling all-weather performance is our in-house methods and algorithms for effective 3D Lidar data processing, intelligent sensor fusion system, artificial intelligence, and software controlling the vehicle platform.

Reason # 2

It’s remote assisted autonomy and that’s why it’s a reality in two years

Developing a fully and universally autonomous vehicle is an extremely complex task, and the industry is starting to understand this. With Sensible 4 technology, the pre-defined routes and Remote Operations are an fundamental part of autonomous driving. Our software can focus on the easiest 99% of the driving and leave the hard percent to humans.

Our product is aimed at geofenced, pre-mapped areas enabling vehicles like shuttle buses for last-mile transportation. This is why we’re going to be market-first with our release of the commercial version of the software in 2022.

Reason # 3

Shuttle-bus as the first viable autonomous driving solution

The need for electric, autonomous vehicles is clear: Our climate and cities can’t bear the load of privately owned cars. The geo-fenced approach simplifies the required technology for autonomous driving, while there already is the demand for last-mile shuttle-bus service. This is the main driver for shuttle-buses to be the first autonomous vehicle solution on market.

Frost & Sullivan estimates the market of shared, driverless vehicle automation systems to exceed $83 Billion in 2025.

Reason # 4

Proven performance on public roads

Our GACHA-vehicle has won the Dubai World Challenge for Self-Driving Transport already a year ago. It works in the temperatures of the Middle-East and it works in the Scandinavian winter. 

We have driven multiple last-mile shuttle-bus pilots on public roads in Finland, and we’re expanding them abroad. We have driven in the harsh winter and warm summer. We have driven in complex urban areas and peaceful suburban. It works.

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