Sensible 4’s autonomous vehicles drive a pilot in Norway beginning in January 2021.

Pilot in Ski, near Oslo, Norway 2021

Ski pilot near Oslo is taking passengers. Due to the Covid restrictions, only one passenger is allowed on board (two, if they present same family, or similar group).

Sensible 4, Ruter, mobility company Holo, and Toyota Motor Europe (TME) are collaborating to trial self-driving vehicles as an integrated part of the public transport service in the Oslo region in Norway for one year.

The purpose of the self-driving vehicle trials is to explore ways to integrate autonomous vehicles into Ruter’s public transport service and reduce the need for private car use in the area. The service will be called line 529 and will operate for a period of one year, until end of 2021. By operating for such a long time it enables the partners to thoroughly test and ensure that the software truly works in all weather conditions in real-life situations.


FABULOS pilot in Gjesdal, Norway, is over

The pilot is over, the last day of the pilot was March 4th 2021.

Self-driving car traffic at Gjesdal is part of FABULOS project. The pilot is studying public transport based on autonomous vehicles. During the pilot, three autonomous vehicles drive at Ålgård and Myrengveien. The pilot ends at March fourth 2021. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only two passengers can be taken on board the vehicle, three if the passengers represent the family or same group of people already being in contact with each other.

In the pilot we use regular factory-built vehicles with retrofitted autonomous driving technology. In addition to a safety driver in every vehicle, they are driven under the supervision of the Remote Control Center (RCC). All-weather autonomous driving software and RCC are developed by Finnish Sensible 4. The pilot is driven in collaboration with the municipality of Gjesdal, FABULOS, Shotl, Mobility Forus, and Toyota Motor Europe.

The Pilot is funded by the European Union, under Horizon 2020 program (grant agreement No. 780371)


Espoo pilots 2020–2022

Sensible 4 was driving at two locations in Espoo, Finland in the spring 2021. You can find the related driving routes and their planned schedules here:

The related Privacy notification is here.


Earlier Pilots and test drives


Testing on a public roads, December 2020.

You can check the related Privacy Notification here, and the route with exact schedule here.


Public pilot in mixed traffic, part of Horizon 2020 funded FABULOS programme.

You can check the related Privacy Notification here, and the route with exact schedule here.


Public pilot in mixed traffic
Tuesday-Thursday, 10-12 ja 13-15


Public pilot in mixed traffic
27.6-31.7 2019
Tuesday-Thursday 10-14

Route length 2 km


Public pilot in mixed traffic
Route map
Tuesday-Thursday 10-12 ja 13-15

Route length 2,2 km


Public pilot in mixed traffic
8-31.10 2019
Tuesday-Thursday 10-12 ja 13-15

Route length 1,4 km