Making Autonomous Driving a Reality

We’re an Automated Driving Technology Company 

Our mission is to enable autonomous mobility everywhere.

Our technology enables different types of vehicles to operate autonomously in any weather.

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Our Mission is to Enable Autonomous Mobility Everywhere.

Our mission is to ensure that there is no place, where people, businesses and society do not have access to the benefits of autonomous vehicles.

Our unique software will take automated vehicles to places where others can’t or won’t operate.

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Our Software Enables All-Weather Self-Driving

We have solved one of the biggest problems in autonomous driving — the issue of bad weather.

Our innovation uses a unique probabilistic approach that enables vehicles to drive in varying weather conditions — unlike any other company in the space.

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We Focus on the Last-Mile

The first commercial self-driving applications will be in very restricted situations. Last mile covers many of these situations and is responsible for a big part of everyday traffic.

The cost-savings of driverless transportation will make last mile cases commercially valid as soon as a reliable solution is available.

We aim to be the first to deliver it, as our solution can work in situations where demand from users is the highest, in poor weather.

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