Unique Technology for All-Weather Self-Driving Vehicles

Robust Positioning Is the Key

Our all-weather autonomous performance is based on a unique approach to positioning.

We use LiDAR-sensors and probabilistic mapping, resulting in computationally efficient and robust positioning.

The technology is based on decades of research and development at the Aalto University of Helsinki.

Probabilistic Model

Robust Positioning Based on Probabilistic Model

Superior performance in bad weather is based on our software. Positioning filters the noise of rain and snow with computationally efficient probabilistic models.

Various sensors fused together provide the situational awareness while remote operations enable fleet management and human remote actions.

Our technology steers the vehicle using sensors such as LiDAR, radar, assisted GPS and inertial measurement systems.

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Positioning Accuracy

3,9 cm

Sunny summer day, private test track, Sweden

5,2 cm

Light snowfall, public road at Muonio, Finland

6,5 cm

Heavy snowfall, private test track at Sensible 4 office, Finland

Four Software Components for Modularity

The core of autonomous driving is the full-stack autonomous driving software with four modules, each with a specific task.

The software components enable the vehicle to locate itself, observe its surroundings, and manoeuvre in traffic.

And when the robot vehicle needs human assistance, remote operations enable smooth help, with fleet operations and APIs to third party services.

“Sensible 4 has developed a smart way of addressing autonomous driving in bad weather conditions – a common problem with highly autonomous vehicles.”

— SBD Automotive