Why is weather so hard for autonomous vehicles?

Harsh road conditions make driving difficult for anyone, but for autonomous vehicles they are an utmost roadblock. Many self-driving vehicles stop when the first drops start to fall from the sky. Yet the autonomous vehicles need to work in all weather conditions to become mainstream, everyday transportation.

Weather adds in random, unpredictable factors for automation specialists and software engineers to tackle. This is what we do at Sensible 4: We make the autonomous vehicle software drive in all weather conditions.

Rain and fog challenge the sensors

Autonomous vehicles use various sensors to observe the surroundings of the vehicle. Each sensor type has it’s pro’s and con’s regarding the features, accuracy, and robustness against the elements of nature.

Sensor fusion to the rescue

With no one sensor to rule them all, we use them all. Combining the data and features of each sensor with software and sensor fusion, we create robust situational awareness, in all weather conditions. Neural networks and data fusion is a hot topic in the world of autonomous driving research. 

It’s not just rain – hard sunlight, extreme temperatures and dust need to be considered

The technology is tested hard when mother nature throws in what it has. Water in all forms and directions, heat and dust, and bright sunlight all affect the vehicles and they all need to be considered when designing a full-stack autonomous software and integrations.


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About Sensible 4

Sensible 4 is a Finnish Self-Driving Technology Company that develops full-stack autonomous driving software (AD-Kit) that turns any vehicle into self driving and allows it to operate in any weather and environment. 

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