We needed a way to showcase our unique autonomous driving software in the best possible way and bring our vision of the future of mass transportation to life. So we created GACHA, the World’s first self-driving bus for all weather conditions.

Developed by Sensible 4 and designed in cooperation with MUJI, GACHA was made for everyday use for people around the world.

It offers smart, safe and sustainable on-demand transportation all year round. The award-winning autonomous shuttle bus can be fully integrated into existing public transportation systems and is an ideal use-case for last-mile transportation.


GACHA is powered by Sensible 4’s state of the art autonomous driving software and provides a smooth driving experience and access to areas previously inaccessible to driverless vehicles.

GACHA brings self-driving transport closer to reality by being the first autonomous shuttle bus that can be deployed in actual real-world environments – and used all year round.

award-winning design

The award-winning GACHA (Good Design Gold Award 2019) was designed by MUJI and the design work was led by iconic Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa.

The shape of the bus was inspired by the the Gacha Gacha-toy capsule, familiar to many people in Japan.

The round benches and the spacious interior provide a comfortable travel experience that was made to encourages social interaction inside the shuttle bus.



Fullstack of autonomous driving sensors:
lidars, radars, 360-degree camera vision, high precision GPS, inertia unit and control over 4GLTE/5G

Max speed: 40 km/h autonomous

Powertrain: 4WD electric

Range: 100+ km

Fast charging with wireless charging as an option

Dimensions: 4.5 * 2.4 * 2.8 m (L*W*H)

Capacity: 10 seats, 6 standing

Easy access for people with limited mobility

Exterior displays around the vehicle for vehicle intention communications