Autonomous driving software


The World’s First Commercial All-Weather Level 4 Autonomous Shuttle Bus Software

Driverless in
all weather

Dawn is the first self-driving solution that works everywhere – all day and all night – in all weather conditions and environments.

Superior positioning
and navigation

Powered by Sensible 4’s superior positioning and navigation, Dawn works with probabilistic processing – filtering out unwanted outliers such as rain, snow and leaves.

Launching in 2022

No safety driver needed

Dawn offers true Level 4 self-driving with remote assistance over existing mobile networks and no safety driver on board.


Built for last-mile shuttles

Dawn was explicitly made for Level 4 last-mile shuttle busses of 6-20 people. It provides easy integration to shuttle bus platforms.

90% smaller data handling

The software reduces data handling by up to 90%, enabling self-driving with less hardware and significantly lower power consumption.

Main Last-Mile Features

  • Dynamic routing on pre-defined routes
  • In-trajectory overtaking capability
  • Autonomous speeds up to 40 km/h
  • Works in mixed traffic
  • Designed for shuttle busses for 6-20 passengers