Moove: An Autonomous Shuttle Bus Collaboration

Today’s mobility needs require modern solutions. When the German startup Moove GmbH needed an automation solution for their new class of all-electric transportation vehicles, they turned to Sensible 4 for Level 4 automation.

Moove – Solving Tomorrow’s Transportation Challenges

Moove is not your ordinary vehicle manufacturer. It’s a startup based in Aachen, Germany, developing commercial vehicles with a plan to disrupt transportation. Moove’s Peoplemover and Cargomover vehicles are all-electric with zero local emissions. And above all, their flexible chassis is designed to be customised for various passenger transportation and goods delivery purposes.

The Challenge

Moove knows how to make vehicles. The only thing missing in the puzzle is the automation solution: Moove needed to have their vehicles run with no driver behind the steering wheel. This is required to introduce mass-produced sustainable autonomous shuttle buses to public transportation systems in Europe.

”We are excited about this partnership, bringing highly automated Level 4 driving to our Mover platform and serving customers with specific automatic and autonomous solutions.”
– Stefan Miltenyi, CEO, MOOVE GmbH.

The Solution

The Moove vehicle was shipped to Sensible 4’s premises in Finland in the spring of 2021. The vehicle was already equipped with a sensor suite, providing the ability for self-driving. Sensible 4 experts then added the rest of the needed sensors, such as RTK-GNSS, navigation LiDARs and also the autonomous driving computer with full-stack autonomous driving software.

The Moove vehicle was launched at the Nordic startup event Slush in December 2021 and tested and shipped back to Germany for further testing in Cologne in March 2022. Other deployments have also been planned.