EVENTS is a Horizon Europe project that brings together a complementary consortium of 11 partners from 7 EU countries and UK, with the view to deal with complex situations where the normal operation of the Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) is close to be disrupted. The overall aim of EVENTS is to create a robust and resilient perception and decision-making system for CAV to manage various types of “even” on the horizon. EVENTS will allow overcoming the current CAV ODD limitations due to the dynamic changing road environment (VRUs, obstacles) and/or due to imperfect data (e.g. sensor and communication failures), while ensuring continuous and safe operation.

In EVENTS, Sensible 4 contributes with the expertise in perception in adverse weather conditions, robust localization, perception self-assessment and leading EVENTS innovation and exploitation activities.

Duration: Sep 2022 – Aug 2025

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