Press Release

Sensible 4 Is the Logistics Company of the Year 2021

28.4.2022, Finland Finnish self-driving company Sensible 4 Oy is the logistics company of the year 2021.

Finnish transport and logistics association LOGY ry awarded the Finnish self-driving technology company Sensible 4 a Logistics company of the year. The association argumented the selection of Sensible 4: “The technology of Sensible 4 enables autonomous driving in all weather conditions, also in snowfall and fog. The company develops a unique smart transportation technology and has achieved remarkable international recognition for their work.”

The awards committee hopes that the example of Sensible 4 encourages other Finnish companies to develop technology and services that support the digitalisation of the transportation industry in Finland, and growth of the industry in the global market.

Some of the earlier awards of Sensible 4:

  • 2019 Beasley Design of the Year, WInner of Best Transport Design
  • 2019 Dubai World Challenge for Self-Driving Transport, Winner of Best Start-Up
  • 2019 Good Design Gold Award
  • 2020 Finnish Engineering Prize
  • 2020 Vehicle and Transportation Gala, Winner of the Innovation Award
  • 2021 Logistics Company of the Year

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